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Read what our happy customers say about our staff

"Morag, thank-you for your assistance on my visits, plus keeping all together on your front, which is so important."

"Rick, thank-you for making the selection process easy, helping me understand the various qualities and which ones to consider, and most of all, for scheduling your best installer, Sergiy."

"Cody, thank you so much for stepping in while Rick was away. You didn't have to, but you did. Your efforts and service reinforced why United Floors are the company to go with. A Team effort for sure. I appreciated you coming in early the one morning and assisting me with a new selection and giving me your contact if I needed it."

"Sergiy, I cannot thank-you enough. Your dedication to delivering quality craftmanship is exceptional and you certainly delivered! I am a hard one to please as I expect great work, as I would do myself. I am so pleased with the results. Plus I so appreciated the few extra things you did for me. And, what a surprise when I went to clean the fireplace and could see the panels all now fit in place! You are the very best!"